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Within an experience like no other inside the region, Football Access Summit unlocks a potential of boundless possibilities for football enthusiasts to connect, learn, and play.
Two days of networking, fun, scouting and sharing with like-minded enthusiasts focused on more than just the game. Football Access Summit creates an open field for those who speak the language of business, and the dreamers fueled by passion. With insightful talks delivered by some of the most influential names on both a national and international scale, exchanging stories, experiences and knowledge. Explore diverse topics and active workshops taught by a selection of legends within different scopes of the industry.
As we aim to shift perspectives in a growing market, we value the minds of the revolutionaries wishing to bring innovation and change all in the eye of a powerful panel of judges scouting and investing in the future thinkers of the industry. As we further explore the unity brought by Football, we merge the entrepreneurs, the greats, and the fanatics in one field to come and gain the ultimate access to a new era of change.
The Field Stage
Blend with the extraordinary minds presented by the Football Access Summit’s top selection of speakers taking front and center. Take a chance to savor in knowledge, inquire and connect with our panelists diving into levels of diverse insight and true expertise with their topics.
Show & Tell Area
An entrepreneurial showcase for innovators and dreamers to exhibit their businesses. Football Access Summit dedicates a special space for local SMEs to pitch their ideas and participate in a live show and tell, to a vast audience.
Networking Area
A hub for the professionals to listen, converse, and share as they engage in fruitful discussion and forge insightful connections. The Networking Area is the place to be for future collaborations shared by similar interests and an intersection for passion.